Major Subdivision Projects 

Project Description Estimated
Cost / Funding Source Additional Information
Road Maintenance The Neighborhood has voted at the general meeting to a 5 year special assessment to all homes / lots on paved lower Mt Royal roads of $60.00 to cover increased road maintenance. Fall 2014 $123,000.00 form increased road dues over five years. General Meeting Presentation

GWE Report V 3.0

Completed Projects
Fighting Water
Tower Location
Commerce Township selected Mt. Royal for Water Tower site 05/2012 $0.00 Water Tower Information
Ditching Project Polvadera ditching will be completed from Ridgemont to Sleath road. Completed - Fall 2008 $12,000.00 - Approved by the general membership meeting 2008 Polvadera Ditching Pictures
Road repairs Major Damage to Polvadera road at Creedmoor and west of Camileta will require major repair. Spring 2008 $5,800.00 - Approved by the general membership 2008  
Street Sign We usually need to replace 5 to 20 signs per year due to vandals or vehicles knocking them down. Never ending $500.00 per year - Road Fund New Signs
Security Camera's Vandals have been damaging the beach equipment and non residents have been trespassing. Fall 2007 $2,500.00 Approved / General Fund Completed Fall 2007
Repair beach gate Beach gate will not close on it's own allowing people to enter with out keys. Completed - Spring 2007 $500.00 / Beach fund No funds - temp repaired
Repair concrete under pavilion Cut concrete around the base of columns, jack up roof to straighten and reset footings North side complete 2011 $need total South side due to be complete 2012
Repair Roof at Beach Shingles missing from beach pavilion roof. Completed - Spring 2007 $ No Total Yet / Beach fund Done during Beach Clean Up 2007
Polvadera Ditch Re-Ditching and replacing undersized culverts along the south side of Poladera Completed - Sept 2005 $30,000.00 / Mt Royal General Fund, $4,000.00 / Road Fund Winning Bid / Pictures
Web Site Permanent Neighborhood Web Site Completed - July 2005 $500.00 / Mt Royal General Fund  
Speed Humps Install up to 14 speed humps through out lower Mt. Royal Completed - September 2006 $500.00 per hump / Road Fund Heidi's presentation
Bridge Replace / Repair Replace Polvadera Bridge & repair Creedmoor bridge. Completed Oct 2005 $495,000.00 / S.A.D Complete Subdivision Letter From Bob Husak

Construction Pictures
Sanitary Sewers Install pressure sanitary sewers on Creedmoor, Polvadera (part), Camelina, Sherbrooke And Ridgemont (Part). Completed - 2000 $3,500.00 per lot in the S.A.D  
Beach Barn Old fashion barn raising down at the beach. Completed - Oct. 3, 2003 $1,200.00 / Beach Fund Beach Barn
Road Paving Pave lower Mt. Royal roads & install storm drains Completed - 19XX? $4,500.00 per lot in the S.A.D (average)