Frank S Salter's Mount Royal Country Club

Yes - that is the original name of our subdivision

Commerce and Mt. Royal History (still working on and I need Lot's more information)

If you have any historical information - please contact Jack Holden 248-363-6974 or email Susan Holden.

Looking for old Frank Salter advertisements, old deeds, maps and pictures of the neighborhood
dating as far back as the '20's.

We can scan your documents and return them within a day or two. Please share with us whatever information you may have.

book on commerce

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history 17

Pictures from the Commerce Twp. Area Historical Society Calendar

(Good pictures but poor quality as I scanned them from a calendar.)

history 1history 2history 3

history 4history 5history 6history 7

history 8history 9history 10history 11

history 12history 13