beach sign

Beach Rules:

  1. The Beach is for the use of Association Members ONLY.
  2. The Beach opens at 8AM and closes at 10PM If you need to get in earlier, contact a Board member 48 hours before you need access.
  3. No pets, mini bikes or motorcycles allowed on the beach.
  4. No boats or fishing allowed in the swim area of the beach.
  5. No pushing, shoving or running on the dock or raft. Do not throw sand at others on the beach. No playing on swim area markers. No profane language.
  6. Limit of 10 guests per day per key holder unless prior arrangements are made with the Beach chairperson.
  7. One key per household.
  8. An adult must accompany children under the age of 12 years. Dependents under 21 years of age will be allowed two guests per key.
  9. No glass containers allowed on the beach.
  10. Use trash barrels for garbage.
  11. Be sure to close and lock beach gate and boat ramp behind you. Dues are collected and it is not fair for non-paying residents or non-residents of Mount Royal Subdivision to use our beach.
  12. Keys cannot be loaned out. If you loan out your key you will lose beach privileges for the remainder of the season plus the board will review your membership status for the following year.
  13. Keys are given to the Oakland County Sheriff to help patrol during regular and after hours.
  14. The pavilion is used on a first come first served basis and cannot be reserved. There is room in the pavilion for several small groups of people.
Below are pictures of our beach with some narrative on each.

Click on each thumbnail and you will see the full size picture.


beach 1 Hours of the beach are posted at the front entrance on Creedmoor. Don’t get locked in at night as we MUST lock the gates at 10:00 pm. If you need to get into or out of the beach outside of these hours you may call a beach chair person (see “Contacts” tab).
beach 2 The Driveway entrance is off of Creedmoor Street.
beach 3 A key is required to enter the beach area. We have plenty of paved parking.
beach 4 A key is required to open boat launch gate. Please remember to close gate after you launch or retrieve your boat. The Canal gets a little shallow at the end of the seawall, but will drop off soon after.
beach 5 Our great play area. An adult must always be present to supervise their own children and invited guests.
beach 6 Play area picture 2.
Play area picture 3.
beach 8 Sand Volleyball court.
beach 9 Pavilion – Grill & seating area. There is also fire wood stacked in this area for fires in the fire pit. If you start a fire you must stay until it is completely extinguished (Per Fire Marshall). You can not reserve this area on weekends, first come first serve only. If you wish to reserve this area during the week for a party, please contact Board President at least two weeks prior to your party date.
beach 10 Horse Shoe pit area, shoes are usually nearby in the sand.
beach 11 The Best Beach on Commerce Lake!
beach 12 Beach Picture 2.
beach 13 Swim area, under 5 feet is roped off and over 5 feet deep is marked with buoys.
beach 14 Swim platform. No diving is allowed due to insurance regulations.
Swim area slide.
Day docks, no overnight docking of boats. We have room for up to eight boats.
Beach Neighbors – Kathleen & George Brown and Kim Wheeler live next to the beach canal / launch area. We ask that all of our association member respect their privacy and quiet time after the sun sets. Loud radios or parties can result to being expelled from the beach area by the Sheriff, use common courtesy and everyone will have a great, safe time.
The Emergency Rescue boat. Please do not let children play on. Emergency use ONLY. The boat is required by the Association insurance company.

Have a Safe, Fun Time at Your Beach!